BIANONY Security Systems is the major distributor of quality Home Automation products, which keeps you safe, manages energy consumption and provides entertainment. These home automation products can be installed in new or existing structures and controlled via your smart-phone of tablet from any location.

BIANONY Security Systems Home Automation solution is the smart choice providing the most effective and comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial & industrial buildings. Bianony Security Systems has developed control and automation solutions specifically tailored toward making life more comfortable and convenient for our clients.

We put the control of your home and prioritised properties at your finger tips anywhere/anytime with the use of your Smartphone, tablet and other devices. Our solutions deliver a no-compromise approach to simplifying complexity, providing scalable future-ready systems with unique user interface experiences.

Corporate Automation

First impressions last, why not amaze your clients by your professionalism by having the smartest office in the park, power saving design, unique customizing and effortless integration.
Travelling too much? Create the conference room for any occasion, effortless connection to your remote office or corporate headquarters. Save on travelling costs and be more productive.

Home Automation
Turn your home in to a modern technological marvel. Why not use the technology available to transform your home into the most comfortable living space imaginable. Wake up to your favourite music or set up your living room to movie mode, closing the drapes, dimming the lights and tuning your TV to all the right settings in only one press of a button.
Add special features when you are on holiday; simulate normal home living while you are away by switching on the lights or TV. Save energy, by creating a smart home, not using lights or the AC while you are not in the room. The possibilities are endless, what you can dream up, we can make possible.

At Bianony, we are proud to help our client create a sustainable and intelligent environment through dedicated sensitive devices and network. Our home automation solution ranges from;

Energy management
Wireless fire detector
Wireless flammable gas detector
Water leakage detector
Wireless sockets
Alarms & Door video
Hand/wall Emergency button
Home Automated lighting
Wireless people counter
Automated window blinds
Integrated home entertainment system
Motion sensors
Biometric Door lock etc…